mikan music FAQ

What is mikan music network ?

mikan music network is a french web portal dedicated to Japanese music news. It was first launched as v-stuff.net in 1998 and became one of the most popular french sources. The idea of this website comes from the desire to gather on a single place all the information that could be useful for fans, but also to provide anything needed to discover quickly and easily Japanese music : news, but also articles, CD releases planning, charts, reviews, interviews, live reports... This english version was born on January 2009, and aims at becoming one of the best Jpop international sources. We will concentrate our efforts on news and interviews, most of the editorial part of the website, including CD reviews, will remain in french only. Please excuse our bad english. We're trying our best, but we're also just fans, we're doing that on our extra time, and sometimes it's complicated...

Why this name ?

Once the decision was made to open a new site, we had to find it a name. We wanted something fresh and original, connected to music and japan, but also easily contractible, and inspiring on a graphic basis. Finally we chose to use a fruit : mikan, and created the network mikan music network (a.k.a mimu-net), consisting of a site, a forum (still in french onnly) and a blog (same here).

What are you talking about ? What not ?

While these days most of music media tend to their activites throughout the Asian market, we decided to remain specialized in the Japanese music market almost exclusively. Even if we don't completely ban Chinese or Korean artists from our pages, we are going to concentrate our efforts on becoming a major reference about Japanese music worldwide.

Why did you choose not to talk about Visual Kei ?

Two reasons. The first is that our team is made of fans, who work with passion and not for money. We do not like Visual Kei, so it's hard to motivate to write anything about it. The second reason is that mimu is a news website dedicated to Japanese music. The fact is that VK has been dead and buried in Japan for many years. Even if there are few exceptions, VK artists sell almost nothing in Japan, and their fanbase is marginal, often seen as ridiculous by most of the population. That's why having nothing better to do, VK bands take advantage of overseas fans' frustration : most of us are happy to take the little we are given by these local opportunists who try to earn money selling concert tickets and other goodies at incredibly high prices. Result is that french fans are often considered as Visual Kei fans, which makes it very difficult to convince japanese labels that there also are good opportunities for Jpop artists in our country... If you really want to read something about VK, there are plenty of other wesites that do it very well. As far as we're concerned, we will keep focusing our efforts on anything not VK.

I would like to take advantage of your website to publish a piece of information or an advertisement / I would like to become an affiliate : how can I ?

Just mail us using our contact form and explain us your request. You'll get an answer asap.

I'd like to help you, is it possible ?

Of course it is... if you're addicted to Japan music, if you have good writing skills, and if you have a few skills in French. We're looking for newsmakers and translators : to apply, please contact us through our contact form.