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m.o.v.e cover... KOKIA and sing Evangelion!

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-05 17:40 - Translation : Cara

    With t-kimura not being part of the group's public activities anymore, m.o.v.e have started a new era. But the path they seem to take is unfortunately not very flattering....

    Probably too old to succeed in another new project, Yuri and motsu are both indulging all of avex's whims to keep m.o.v.e alive...

    Thus one of the most creative groups ever in Japan is going to release an album made up of... covers of anime theme songs.

    There will be Tamashii no Rufuran (Yoko Takahashi for Evangelion), Tatta hitotsu no omoi (KOKIA for GUNSLINGER GIRL), Sousei no Aquarion (AKINO for Sousei no AQUARION), the legendary Ai, oboeteimasu ka of Macross, and a self-cover of Gravity, among other songs.

    The album will be out on August 19 2009 in two editions, CD-only and CD+DVD with the video of the Live TRANSFORM 2009 concert which was recorded on April 4, and is the last live with t-kimura. Pre-orders will be available soon on CDJapan.