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ikimono-gakari reenlist and SEAMO enlists for Naruto

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-07 20:45 - Translation : Cara

    It is the first time that SEAMO sings for Naruto, whereas ikimono-gakari are regular partners of the licence..

    SEAMO will release his first single of 2009 on August 5. It is a double A-side entitled MY ANWER / Fukeiki nante buttobase!!. MY ANSWER[i] will be used as the ending song of the anime [i]Naruto and is said to be a message song, while Fukeiki nante buttobase!! will be used to promote the Xbox. The single will also contain a B-side entitled Go!! which is the theme song of a baseball TV programme on CBC. It is available in two editions, CD-only and CD+DVD with the music video of MY ANSWER. You can pre-order it on CDJapan.

    As for ikimono-gakari, they will sing the new opening song of Naruto Shippuden. The song is entitled i]Hotaru no hikari[/i] and will be out as a single on July 15. You can also pre-order it on CDJapan.