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Joe Inoue gets to the next level

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-08 11:00 - Translation : Cara

    That is what the Japanese American singer's website announced when describing his new single..

    Even if he is not one of the most popular singers in Japan, Joe Inoue has managed to get noticed when, at the end of 2008, he released CLOSER, which was the theme song of the anime Naruto at that moment.

    Two months after the release of his debut album, a new single apparently in a new music style has been announced. The singer has been singing pop/rock songs so far, but he should release an electro track for the first time. Entitled GO★ and available on July 22, the single was produced by Mine-Chang, who works on BENNIE K, DOUBLE and SEAMO's songs, among others.

    You can pre-order the single on CDJapan