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M/elody: Shion Tsuji's new single

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-09 22:00 - Translation : Cara

    The young singer who made her debut at the end of 2008 goes on with her career and releases songs at a quiet rate. Indeed, her third single will be out six months after her second one..

    Even if she does not enjoy tremendous success in Japan, Shion Tsuji has managed to win over the westerners with her début single Candy Kicks, its catchy chorus and its fresh pop sound.

    On August 5, her fans will discover her third single: M/elody. This time, the A-side will not be used as the theme song for the anime BLEACH, but for the highly-anticipated Tokyo magnitude 8.0 which will start airing in July on Fuji TV.

    You can pre-order the single on CDJapan