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GIRL NEXT DOOR confirms the release of Be your wings

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-10 16:07 - Translation : Cara

    avex gave details about Be your wings, the group's next single, on the release day of their current single..

    A few weeks ago, we wrote about avex's April announcement of GIRL NEXT DOOR's 6th and 7th singles: Infinity, the first one which was released today, and Be your wings, which is slated for a release in summer.

    The record company has finally revealed the details about Be your wings's content: it is the first triple A-side of the group. Thus Be your wings, FRIENDSHIP and Wait for you will be the three previously unreleased songs of this maxi single. However, it seems that only Be your wings will be used to promote it, as it is the only song with a music video.

    Once again, two big tie-ins are linked to the single. Be your wings will be the theme song of the video game Tales of VS which will be out at the beginning of August in Japan, while Wait for you will bring happiness to the J.League's new season, that is to say, the Japanese football championship.

    The single will be out on August 10, and you can already pre-order it in CD, CD+DVD and UMD versions on CDJapan