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immi and SAWA make their major debut on the same day

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  • Posted by Colorful on 2009-06-10 17:50 - Translation : Cara

    Discoveries of 2008 and considered as two of the rising figures of the Japanese electronic music, immi and SAWA will release their first major EP on July 22..

    immi is an artist doing electronic music who enjoyed success among the fans of that style when she released her first indie album, Switch, in 2008. However it was not her first try in music since she started her career in 2001 under the name of Mayu Nakazawa, with 5 singles and an album. Unfortunately she was not successful and was dismissed by Universal Music Japan and disappeared for five years.
    But it seems being strong-willed works since, a few months ago, she signed with DefSTAR which produces Beat Crusaders and Ken Irai, while her producers are still JETBIKINI and N.A.i.D.
    Her first EP is entitled WONDER EP, and will contain five songs, among which there two remixes and a cover of Vanessa Paradis's 80's hit song, Joe le Taxi. A DVD will come with the CD and contains the music video of WONDER.

    Pre-orders are already available on Yesasia, and on CDJapan.

    SAWA made her debut last year with a mini-album entitled COLORS which combined electronic and lounge music; this is typical of her producer, FreeTEMPO. After getting noticed with her debut CD, she released a second EP. This time, it was produced by various artists, among which there were RAM RIDER, Takeshi Nakatsuka and Yukihiro Fukutomi who was noticed by the fans of that style of music.
    After appearing on the JUDY&MARY tribute album, SAWA announced her debut under Epic Records, a sub-label of Sony Music Japan, with a first EP entitled I CAN FLY. It will contain five songs, produced by Yukihiro Fukutomi, and also by Sound Around, note native, and Haioka of BREMEN. Just like immi, a cover will be included in it; SAWA will cover Moloko's hit, Sing it Back (three versions of that song will be included in the limited edition of I CAN FLY).

    I CAN FLY is already available on CDJapan in a limited edition and in a normal edition, but also on Yesasia, in a limited edition and in a normal edition.