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misono sings 80's songs

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-11 10:35 - Translation : Cara

    Everybody expected her to release her third original album this summer, but she will ultimately release a cover mini-album....

    Does misono want to avoid another flop? After two albums which went almost completely unnoticed, it seems that she is careful with the third one... After three new singles and a collaboration with her sister, Kumi, her fans hoped that they could discover it this summer.

    They cannot! Today avex has announced the release of a 80's cover mini-album. Not many details about the tracklist were given. However misono should sing a new version of gradually of day after tomorrow, the group in which she enjoyed success a few years ago.

    The CD will be out on August 12. Fans will have to wait several months to hear a new misono album.

    Pre-orders are available on CDJapan