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Kai Natsu sings for the new Disney movie

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  • Posted by Shimoa on 2009-06-14 09:28 - Translation : Cara

    The singer's next single will be used as the theme song for the computer-animated movie Bolt..

    Kai Natsu
    Kai Natsu, who will soon turn 26, will release her 4th single on July 29. Entitled Onaji Sora wo Miageteru, it will be her first physical release since around a year. She can rely on a tie-in with Bolt (8/1 release), the new Disney computer-animated movie. Kai Natsu says that she has included the message that she got out of the movie, that is to say that having the biggest power is believing in the people who are close to you.

    The single will also contain the B-sides Amai Swimmer and Warming up, the theme song of the drama Tottemo Amai no ~C'EST TRES DOUX~ on Bee TV, the "TV" channel for the Docomo mobiles.

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