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Discover JASMINE, a new Sony R&B singer

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  • Posted by Shimoa on 2009-06-14 17:33 - Translation : Cara

    What hopes does Sony pin on JASMINE? A few days before the release of her debut single, her official site still seems to be unfinished. But her unusual look is striking and could turn out to be an advantage..

    Sony Music Associated Records presents a new R&B singer: JASMINE (20). Gospel music pleased her when she was a teenager, and she really started her singing career when she was 17. She quickly get noticed and signed a contract with a major company. JASMINE's debut single is entitled sad to say and will be out on June 24. To discover this singer with pink hair, you can watch a url=http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/?70005582_AICL-2017&70005582_AICL-2017_01VFL]preview of the music video for sad to say[/url].

    Official site (coming soon)
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