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UVERworld's first 2009 single

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-14 21:00 - Translation : Cara

    There had been uncertainty about a new single in July for a while, but it is now official! The group has announced the release of their new single, their first one of 2009..

    UVERworld, one of the few J-rock groups to enjoy an increasing popularity, is about to release their 14th single, their first one of 2009, and above all, their first one since the release of their latest album AwakEVE in February 2008.

    The title of the single has not been revealed yet, but the A-side will be the theme song of a new drama, Otomen, which will start airing on August 1 on Fuji TV. This is a reassuring tie-in since the series should be watched by numerous viewers, because many famous actors, such as Masaki Okada and Kouji Seto, are in it.

    Scheduled for a July 29 release in CD and CD+DVD versions, the single will soon be available for pre-orders on CDJapan.