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X JAPAN's Paris concert on October 10, 2009 (?)

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-15 14:55 - Translation : Cara

    This has been THE running gag of the past 12 months: the organization of X JAPAN's Paris concert, which has been promised many times, planned and then postponed, provokes mocking remarks or anger, according to the person who is concerned. Yet, YOSHIKI promised that this time is the right time. Why not?.

    During a fan-meeting organized in the scope of X JAPAN's Beijing and Shanghai concerts, YOSHIKI has announced that the group's Paris concert was now planned for October 10, 2009. And this time, "we really want to stick to that date, no matter what", he said. Could this be the end of a long waiting for thousands of disappointed fans?

    By the way, he also revealed that the group's new best album, which will be out at the end of the year, will include 4 previously unreleased tracks.

    Finally, you may note that YOSHIKI is all over the media right now, following the release of his very successful autobiography.