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GARI's new album and French tour!

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-15 17:15 - Translation : Cara

    It has already been two years and a half since GARI last released a new album: you do not have to wait any longer... but only if you are in France!.

    Today Soundlicious has announced the release of GARI's new mini-album as a worldwide exclusivity for Japan Expo. Even if no Japanese release date has been planned, the CD will be available on iTunes.

    Entitled TOKYO SOLDIER, the new CD is said to be more electronic and more dancey, but it is also said to keep the group's rock style and music identity. It will contain 5 previously unreleased songs and two remixes (see the tracklist below).

    TOKYO SOLDIER will be available for sale at the JE Soundlicious stand and cost €10; the packaging will be made up of a crystal case in a slipcase with a booklet including the lyrics in Japanese and romaji.

    The group will promote the CD with two live performances:
    - Friday, July 3 at Japan Expo
    - Tuesday, July 7 at the Mondo Bizarro - in Rennes, with Japanese metal band SUNS OWL.

    01- Nu=DANCE
    02- Hey Now !
    04- j.u.d.a.s
    05- i NEED YOUR LOVE
    06- Nu=DANCE – The KBC Remix –
    07- Hey Now! – Yôichirô from GARI Remix –

    (Photo © Trip Fontaine (P) Soundlicious, GARI)