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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR back in September!

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  • Posted by Himawari on 2009-06-20 11:00 - Translation : Cara

    New singer, new album... The group is determined to return to the spotlight after over eight months..

    Last summer, fans were sad to learn that Maki, who had been the b]HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR[/b] singer until then, was leaving the group at the end of the year. Many fans feared that the group split, but the other members of the group were motivated to find a new singer. That is how we learnt in April that HALCA was joining the group. But since then, there has not been any news...

    Finally this week, some information was given. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR will return with a new album entitled swamp man without any prior single release. It will be out on September 2, and the fans will be able to test the water with ten previsouly unreleased tracks. Will the group be successful again? They had not been for quite a while...

    Pre-orders will be available soon on CDJapan