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capsule's first best album!

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-22 16:25 - Translation : Cara

    After around ten albums released in 8 years, producer Yasutaka Nakata and singer Toshiko become more and more successful, and managed to enter the Oricon top 10 for the first time with their latest album..

    capsule will release their first best album, apparently entitled FLASH BEST, on August 26. There will be 14 tracks overall. The oldest songs will be updated, and some songs will be rearranged like in Yasutaka Nakata's livesets.

    The songs which will be included in the best album are: jelly (rmx ver.), JUMPER (LIVE MIX), GLIDER (LIVE MIX), FLASH BACK (LIVE MIX), RETRO MEMORY, more more more, dreamin dreamin, Eternity, I'm Feeling You, Sugarless GiRL. The album will be available in two versions, CD-only and CD+DVD with 7 music videos. You can pre-order it on CDJapan.

    It enables latecomers to get to know the group before seeing them live: indeed, according to rumors, they would like to come and perform in Europe in the months to come...