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Neither dream nor DRM, but Dream: 6 "perfect girls"

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  • Posted by Shito on 2009-06-23 14:25 - Translation : Cara

    We know that major record companies tend to give up on singers near the end of their contracts if their sales decline. Thus we can only admire avex for having been true to their artists since Max Matsuura became avex's president. This regularly enables Jpop ghosts to return!.

    That is how girls band Dream will return on September 9 with their 20th single, entitled Perfect Girls. It will be released under avex's Rhythm Zone.

    Formed in 2001, dream was first a three-member band (Mai, Yui and Erie). Then there were many changes: in 2002, Mai left, and six new girls joined the band, then made up of eight members. In 2004, one of the new girls left. dream's name became DRM and the seven-member band went on until Yui left in 2008 : only Erie has been there since the start now.

    Now a six-member group, Dream will release their first single since March 2005, and their first CD release since DRM's 2007 mini album.

    Even if it has not been confirmed, the single could include the song To The Top, which has been used to promote the DVD release of Prison Break's 4th season.