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Let me introduce you the telephones

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  • Posted by janiine on 2009-07-04 19:09 - Translation : janiine

    This rock band, that has just left his indie label for a major record company, is about to release his new album.

    the telephones
    the telephones is a quartet made in Saitama created in 2005. Their music is mainly rock, with sometimes electro sounds, like in the song Love&Disco.
    This promising band has notably performed in several prestigious music festivals, like in the SUMMER SONIC Festival last year, which they will do again next August.

    Their first album, JAPAN, was released in January 2008. Their second LP, DANCE FLOOR MONSTERS is expected for July 8. This date will be their major debut : indeed, the band signed with EMI Music Japan last April.

    A few songs are available on their MySpace page : www.myspace.com/thetelephonesjapan
    Official website : http://thetelephones.net/